About Us

At the outset we would like to introduce ourselves as one of the upcoming companies in Cleaning & Housekeeping Industry. 9Ts Company was established with an objective to be recognized as one of India's leading service providers engaged in the field of Cleaning and Housekeeping Services.


9Ts Company is a people business; a business of forming and nurturing relationships; relationship with Customers, Staff & Country.


At '9Ts Company' the customer requirements are studied in-depth, to provide a service which is tailor made to each customer's individual requirement.


The combination of our highly talented people, proven management model and total commitment to quality, puts our firm at top of the list when choosing cleaning service providers. 9Ts Company's professional staff is the best in the home cleaning industry and office industry. We provide all the professional cleaning supplies and equipment to tackle the toughest cleaning job and leave your home or office bright and shining clean.


We stand by our performance and we guarantee satisfaction. We care to provide quality service to you, and we're not satisfied if you're not.


Philosophy of 9Ts Company


9Ts is an abbreviation of 9 Thoughts Company; The 9 Thoughts which are Philosophy of 9Ts Company have vital Role in establishement of 9Ts Company; those 9 Thoughts are described below.

  1. Creation: Creating Healthy & Clean Environment: We convert dirty place in clean & hygienic one by employing experienced & trained people, equipments, machinery, organic chemicals & synthetic chemicals(limited).
  2. Caring: Care for Clients & Staff: We care for our Client & Staff.
  3. Country: Using funds for National welfare projects. We are sponsoring and running projects meant for Nation's welfare. For e.g. Education to Poor Students: in this project we are providing free education of English language (Spoken English) to the Marathi Medium Students..
  4. Workers: Sharing Profits with Working Staff: We care for our most; we give our staff highest package in industry along with facilities which none of organization in industry provides.
  5. Conserving: Conserving Natural Resources & Nature: We mostly use organic chemicals to perform job of cleaning through which we achieve our thought of Conservation. Also electricity & water is used only as per need; we don't waste it.
  6. Convivial: We are friendly with our clients.
  7. Credibility: Our Clients trust us for our background checked & trustworthy staff.
  8. Consistency: We believe in continuously improving our technology, worker's work efficiency so that we will continuously improve our performance.
  9. Cultivation: We create & nurture a relationship with our people.